Thursday, July 17, 2008

A great time to buy local

We hope you have been enjoying your visits to the
Burlington County Farmers' Market.

**Vendors now offering a diverse selection of local produce**
Cranberry Hall Farm
Hunter's Farm
Durr Farm
Spinella Farm - Heirloom Varieties
1895 Organic Farm - Certified Organic
Darmo's Farm

The Spinella Farm family has such a unique variety of heirloom produce. This Saturday they will be bringing hardneck garlic, hosta la vista squash, french breakfast radishes and fresh gourmet carrots. You should also try their lemon cucumbers!

The Hunters and Cranberry Hall will be bringing their delicious Jersey corn, along with fresh field tomatoes and watermelon.

The Durr Farm still has plenty of juicy peaches. The blackberries that they are bringing on Saturday are just out of this world! Their corn on the cob is great, too.

And look for Briar Island Blueberries to give us their sweet, plump blueberries.

Just Some Blueberry Fun Facts.......

Did you know:

**Blueberries are related to azaleas and rhododendrons.
**Over 200 million pounds of blueberries are grown
every year in North America.
**They won't ripen once they are picked.
**Over 1500 new products containing blueberries
were introduced on the market last year.
**Blueberries have more antioxidants
than most other fruits and vegetables.
**They are delicious!

And Blackberry Fun Facts......

Did you know:
**Blackberries are very high in Vitamin C and fiber.
**They help with stomach problems, such as nausea.
**Blackberries strengthen blood vessels, protect eyesight
and can reduce risk of heart disease.
**Blackberries are fat free.
**They are delicious!

Hope to see you at the Market!

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